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Welcome to Tim’s Wrecker Service & Garage, your reliable and trustworthy auto repair shop. Since the day we started our business, back in 1992, we’ve been providing auto repair services to all car owners in Greensburg IN and surrounding areas. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and we intend to keep the same level of quality and professionalism in our services for many years to come. As a reliable auto repair shop, we offer a full range of services that includes professional towing as well.

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Address: 806 W Washington St Greensburg IN 47240
Phone: (812) 663-3159

The importance of keeping your car well-maintained.

Studies have shown that you can save hundreds of dollars every year just by providing regular maintenance for your car. However, replacing the oil or changing some filters is not enough to say that your car is well-maintained. Scheduled maintenance should include brake services, transmission repairs, tuning the engine, etc. If the auto repair job is done in a haphazard manner, all the systems in the vehicle will not deliver the best performance, leading to increased fuel consumption and compromise on vehicle safety. Anytime you need reliable wrecker service in Greensburg, IN choose us!

We provide first class auto repair services at reasonable prices!Auto repair is a complex job that raise a challenge even for experienced mechanics, especially with all the electronic systems that cars have nowadays. These electronic controllers are there to assist the technician in the troubleshooting process. However they are extremely sensitive and can immobilize the vehicle if tampered with. What this means is that you should bring the vehicle to a reputable auto repair shop at the first sign of a problem, in order to avoid expensive repairs later.

Tim’s Wrecker Service & Garage is just such a reputable auto repair shop. With over 21 years of experience in the auto repair business, our mechanics can tackle any job efficiently and safe. We’ve worked on numerous vehicles, all makes and models and we’re confident we can fix yours too. Furthermore, we only use high quality parts provided by renowned suppliers which guarantee us a durable and long lasting product.

We have extensive experience providing a professional brake repair service in Greensburg, IN!

First signs that indicate you should have your car inspected.

  • decrease in gas mileage. This could be caused by many things, from a gas leak to transmission problems;
  • noisy steering wheel. Grinding, stiffness or squealing are all signs of a steering issue that needs to be fixed immediately. A malfunction in the steering system can cause accidents;
  • shaking. Although some vibrations are normal, if your car is shaking excessively and unceasing, you may have some problems with the wheel alignment. We have specialists that can troubleshoot your car in minutes and provide a quick, yet proper solution.
  • leaking fluids. Always a sign of a malfunction.
  • Noisy brakes. Most of the time, a grinding sound coming from the car when you step on the brake, signals you need new brake pads. However, there are situations when the sound may come from a loss of fluid or a broken brake disc. That is why, it is a must to book your brake services with Tim’s Wrecker Service & Garage in order to ensure your vehicle is being inspected and repaired by experts.

Your brakes are an important part of your car or truck, so do not take chance if your brakes are worn thin and need replacement. Bring your car or truck into Tim's Wrecker Service & Garage as soon as you believe there is a problem with your brakes. Our certified, professional technicians will review your brake problem, make an appropriate recommendation, repair and replace your brakes so you can be back on the road. It does not matter if you need a brake repair service performed on your personally owned car or truck, a service vehicle or a commercial van, Tim's Wrecker Service & Garage has all of the necessary tools, parts and skilled technicians to make the repairs. You can try to use another repair shop, but you will not find the satisfaction and professional customer service that you will find at Tim's Wrecker Service & Garage. You can rely on our auto repair shop for a brake repair service done right, and at a reasonable price.

Don't put your life in danger and choose our brake services!We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any emergency services you may need. Simply call (812) 663-3159 and in a matter of minutes we will be there to help you. Whether you need auto repair or a wrecker service in Greensburg, IN, we are your best choice. We offer highly competitive rates and outstanding services. Call us at (812) 663-3159 and find out more about our specials.

letter of compliment

Oct 01, 2014 by Carol

August 17th,2014
Mr. Tim Reece owner Tim's Wrecker Service.
Letter of Compliment on your staff member Mr. Ben Wainscott.
Dear Mr. Reece,
I am writing to let you know how satisfied I am with a recent towing
your company did for me through AAA motor club on Tuesday morning
July 29,2014.
I was just north of Shelbyville on State Road 9. My 1995 Chevrolet van
broke down I immediately called AAA motor club and they Contacted your company (Tim's Wrecker Service)and you sent Ben Wainscott to come and
and tow me back to Columbus, Indiana, Where I live. I was impressed with Mr Wainscott from the start. When he approached my van he first wanted to see what was going under the hood. He determined that a pulley and belt had broken. I was so impressed at how through he was .
He just didn't want to tow me he also had knowledge of what goes on under the hood of my vehicle. Then he loaded up my van & off to Columbus we went. Mr Wainscott is exceptional. He has very good customer service skills ,good demeanor good Knowledge of towing and also mechanical working of my vehicle good social skills thus I felt comfortable and more assured,
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